MBBS in Bangladesh

Do you intend to pursue Medical Study in Bangladesh?

Smile Education is definitely an Admission Consultant company that helps Indian students who wish to do MBBS in Bangladesh. We offer Education and Migration services. Smile Education works together with various institutes and education providers to provide the very best solutions for Indian Students Smile Education

We’re a well-reputed name in the marketplace.  Smile Education Consultancy work beyond the boundaries of traditional practices in educational consultation as we recognize the significance of your education and career goals.

We approach every client’s need as our own. We put ourselves in your shoes while offering professional and lawful advice. Smile Education aligns with your objectives and collaborates to unlock maximum opportunities.

We do this by establishing a heavy working relationship with your students. Our past work and successes highlight our commitment to success. We always seek the very best solutions for the clients.

Consultancy for Indian Students

We offer extensive Education and Immigration services to students who wish to study in Bangladesh. Smile Education is devoted to offering qualitative services.

We offer professional guidance to students who seek excellent educational opportunities. Our friendly and reliable approach ensures you land in the very best Medical colleges in Bangladesh get all information regarding  MBBS in Bangladesh

We offer innovative answers to students who’re pursuing MBBS with direct admission in Prestige institutes of Bangladesh. Smile Education helps you to choose the right program and course to study.

During our first evaluation, we try to understand your perspective. Our team evaluates which institute you intend to study and your background. Before giving our suggestions, the team evaluates their qualification and budget.

Pioneers of Educational Consulting

 If you intend to get MBBS Admission in Bangladesh, you will need a very professional service; Smile Education are at your service.  Get guidance every step out from the way.  Find a very good programs and universities based on your own preferences in affordable costs.

Smile Education is not an institute; it’s a team of certified professional who excels at guiding students in the best direction. We’re a thorough and professional admission consultancy for students confronted with studying abroad.

Why Bangladesh?

MBBS Admission in Bangladesh is better suited to Indian students. It’s even better than going to review in Russia, China or Ukraine. Let us explain, Bangladesh has somewhat similar cultura to India. Yes, there are a few linguistic differences, however the exam language is strictly English. It will bridge the gap in language issues between both countries.


Another aspect of studying outside India is Recognition of foreign institutes. Most students visit foreign institutes since they are recognized across the world. Fortunately, many Medical Colleges in Bangladesh are recognized around the world, especially by the World Health Organization.

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